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What Is Contested Divorce In Texas?

A contested divorce is a family law situation that occurs when spouses cannot agree on essential terms of their divorce, often related to child custody, support or property division. In these cases, each spouse can benefit from the services of a skilled Texas contested divorce attorney who can provide guidance through the process and help negotiate and fight for desired results.

For top-tier legal representation, turn to Lackey Law Firm, P.C.. Led by Alicia Lackey, a lawyer known for her empathetic approach, the firm specializes in family law and divorce. With over a decade of legal experience and certification in family law mediation, clients here in Austin and across Texas get personalized representation in their divorces.

The Contested Divorce Process Timeline

A contested divorce in Texas involves several stages:

  • Filing for divorce and serving papers: This initiates the legal process by formally requesting a divorce and outlining your desired outcomes.
  • Temporary orders: The court establishes temporary arrangements for crucial aspects like child custody, child support and spousal support while the case progresses.
  • Negotiation: This stage focuses on reaching an agreement with your spouse through various legal methods to find common ground.
  • Trial: If negotiations fail to resolve all disagreements, a trial is held where a judge makes final decisions on contested issues based on the presented evidence.

Even though Texas mandates a 60-day waiting period for divorces, contested ones can span years. This highlights the importance of working with a skilled Austin contested divorce attorney like Alicia.

Partner With An Experienced Contested Divorce Attorney In Texas

A contested divorce presents unique legal challenges. However, with the right legal support, you can confidently navigate the process.

Alicia and her team of experienced attorneys specialize in contested and collaborative divorce and possess the expertise to navigate the legal process and get results. With a deep knowledge of the courts in the Austin area and throughout Texas, they can provide invaluable guidance and representation, lightening the load and strain on you and your family.

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