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Meet Attorney Alicia Lackey

Some problems in life are too big to solve alone. Working with a lawyer can help you ensure that you are taking the right steps for your future. However, it is important to be able to trust the person who could have a significant effect on the outcome.

Lackey Law Firm, P.C., works hard to honor the trust of every client. The firm’s lead attorney, Alicia Lackey, understands that you deserve much more than the bare minimum in your case. That is why she upholds integrity every day and gets to know each client’s situation in detail. She can work with you to find solutions for your legal problem.

Dependable And Responsive Counsel

At Lackey Law Firm, P.C., you can find a professional advocate for several types of legal challenges in Texas, including:

The firm strives to stay responsive and is available to discuss your case when you have questions. As a qualified attorney and certified mediator, Alicia Lackey answers clients promptly and accurately. It is natural to be curious or worried about your legal case, but she can help you feel at ease throughout the process.

Here To Speak With You Directly

For over a decade, Alicia Lackey has served clients across the state of Texas. She will personally listen to your story and help you take the next step forward.

Schedule a consultation through email or by calling 888-705-0307. With offices in Fredericksburg and Austin, Lackey Law Firm, P.C., can meet with you to discuss your case.