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Protecting Your Rights In Criminal Law Cases

Being arrested or suspected of a crime can leave one extremely vulnerable. If you or your loved ones have been placed under investigation or arrest, now can be the best time to have a trusted criminal defense attorney by your side — and Lackey Law Firm, P.C., is at your service.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Services

Below is a sample of the types of criminal defense services that the firm offers:

  • Drug charges: Being charged with possessing controlled substances or illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or ecstasy, can place your future and freedom in jeopardy. Even the smallest cases can impact your ability to obtain housing or employment. From Class C misdemeanor citations to complicated felony charges, our firm will fight to protect your rights.
  • DUI/DWI: Our firm will fight to help you mitigate the harsh penalties of the Texas law when it comes to driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI). The consequences of an arrest for DUI/DWI start the minute you are arrested and can quickly affect your ability to keep your driver’s license through the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) process. Waiting to hire an attorney can be a big mistake, and you could miss your chance to request a hearing to contest the suspension of your license. Our firm also helps with public intoxication, minors in possession of alcohol, minor consumption of alcohol and other alcohol-related criminal cases.
  • Driving While License Invalid (DWLI): Our firm can help contest charges where a person is accused of driving without a valid driver’s license. This can be crucial to maintaining an individual’s privilege to continue driving. It may also help to avoid a snowball of fines and costs that can make it financially difficult to keep a driver’s license valid and can make all the difference for someone’s future. Founding attorney, Alicia Lackey, can also assist qualified clients in obtaining an occupational driver’s license when a license suspension has been placed on a driving record.
  • Public intoxication charges: DWI, disorderly conduct and underage drinking may be accompanied by a public intoxication charge. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you evaluate if there are any options for dismissal and expunction from your criminal record.
  • Theft charges: Our firm assists those charged with theft and credit card abuse by businesses or individuals.
  • White collar crimes: The firm can help ensure that the authorities properly handle white collar crime cases, and that the accused is afforded the protections provided under the law.
  • Felony charges: Ranging from violent crimes against persons, like assault, to crimes against property, the goal of our firm is to work for a favorable outcome when you are suspected of, arrested for or charged with a serious felony.
  • Misdemeanor charges: Ensuring that all misdemeanor cases are handled with the same care and concern as more serious cases, Lackey Law Firm, P.C., understands that misdemeanor charges are serious, and that efforts should be made to minimize potential consequences.
  • Expunctions and nondisclosures: Petitioning for a client’s criminal history to be erased through the expunction process or sealed through the nondisclosure process is another service we provide. We can assist in obtaining a certified criminal history from the Texas Department of Public Safety and evaluating what steps might be taken to help an individual get a fresh start.

Dealing with criminal charges can be overwhelming and complex. Working with a skilled attorney who understands the criminal process and has experience with the Texas court system is important.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Criminal Law Charges

When facing criminal defense in this dynamic city, understanding the legal landscape and knowing your rights becomes paramount. Get expert answers to common questions surrounding criminal defense charges.

Do I need an attorney for a misdemeanor charge?

Yes, securing legal representation is essential, even for a misdemeanor charge. While facing a misdemeanor charge in Texas might seem less severe than a felony, the implications can still be significant. An experienced attorney, well-versed in Texas criminal law, can guide you through the process and help secure a more favorable outcome.

What if I’m innocent, but I said something to the police that sounded guilty?

When interacting with law enforcement, every word matters. If you’ve unintentionally made statements that could be misconstrued, consulting an attorney becomes imperative. Despite innocence, such statements can be used against you.

An experienced defense lawyer can assess the situation, advise on the potential impact of your statements and strategize a defense to mitigate their effect. Protecting your rights and ensuring that your words are not used against you is a primary concern.

What are the drawbacks of not hiring an attorney immediately?

Delaying the hiring of an attorney can have serious consequences, such as uninformed decisions, mishandling of evidence and missing deadlines. Immediate legal representation ensures that your rights are safeguarded from the outset.

Failure to secure legal assistance promptly might result in missed opportunities for defense strategies or crucial evidence preservation – swift action to secure competent representation can improve the chances of a favorable outcome.

I want to plead guilty to my charge. Should I still hire an attorney?

Even if you are contemplating a guilty plea, hiring an attorney remains essential. A legal team can negotiate on your behalf, potentially securing a more favorable plea deal or a reduced sentence. That ensures that every legal avenue is explored and your rights are protected.

Contact An Attorney Right Away If You Have Been Charged With A Crime

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