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Reaching An Agreement On Your Terms With Collaborative Divorce

Of all the couples you know that have had a marriage end in divorce or separation, how many of them will say that the process made them a better person? Unfortunately, the judicial system is not always the best at addressing personal family disputes. In every community, there are too many stories of the divorce process leaving spouses an emotional and financial wreck. However, the dissolution of a marriage does not always have to end badly.

Litigated divorce and painful legal battles aren’t the only option for unhappy spouses. There is a way for couples to be amicable throughout the process and negotiate and settle their differences without courtroom drama. Although divorcing spouses might not agree on everything at all times, the collaborative divorce process can facilitate equitable agreements on contentious issues like custody, property division and child support without the need for litigation. For many spouses pursuing an uncontested divorce, the collaborative divorce process may be the best option.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative divorce is a private and confidential method for achieving a divorce settlement. It primarily involves continuous negotiations, communication and mediation between both parties and their legal counsel, but it still falls within the legal protection of a traditional divorce. The benefits of resolving your issues through this process include:

  • Interest-based negotiation: Reaching a “win-win” instead of a “win-lose” settlement is the goal. Doing so enables both parties to focus on the future of their children, financial security and other mutual goals.
  • Private and discrete: Providing a safe and comfortable space for everyone involved should never be compromised. Collaborative divorce is often the best option for spouses who want to avoid the prying eyes of the public or the pressure of a courtroom without forfeiting due process and the assistance of legal professionals.
  • Family-centered: Extending efforts to make sure that the interest of all members of the family, especially the children, is safeguarded.
  • Flexible terms: Creating the terms and conditions that best suit a family varies with every divorce case. Under the guidance of a legal professional, spouses can customize the best arrangement possible and reach a mutual agreement.
  • Cost-effective: Removing the meticulous and tedious process of the traditional divorce can cut down tremendously on expenses. The collaborative divorce process can not only help save money, but it can also reduce the amount of time and effort required during the divorce process.

You can find even more information about collaborative divorce on our site, including how to choose the right collaborative divorce attorney and the steps of the collaborative divorce process.

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