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Collaborative divorce: Focusing on family first

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Family Law |

A Texas divorce does not have to include a bitter court battle, drawn-out proceedings and depletion of financial and emotional resources. If you and your spouse decide dissolving your marriage is best for everyone, divorce court is not your only option.

Psychology Today describes a collaborative divorce as a process in which spouses and their teams work together to reach an agreement that both spouses feel is fair and equitable. This type of divorce may be right for you if you have children, you both actively participate in the process and are willing to compromise.

Focus on your kids

Divorce often takes an emotional toll on children. The change from a single home to separate living arrangements is often confusing for a young child, and it alters the family dynamic. A collaborative divorce can shield them from the messy details of your split. They do not have to speak to attorneys, go to a courtroom or hear mom and dad argue.

Avoid divorce court

Sidestepping a judge and courtroom has many benefits. A judge must adhere to the law, not focus on your specific circumstances. Using the collaborative process, you can tailor the settlement, custody and other considerations to your needs. As long as you both agree to the terms, virtually anything goes.

Unlike a litigated divorce, which becomes a public record, collaborative proceedings keep the details of your arrangement confidential. If you have a high net worth or have a high-profile career and value your privacy, this may be preferable to a courtroom.

When dealing with divorce court, you must show up at scheduled hearings or face court fees. During the collaborative process, you can work around your schedule, making it as convenient as possible. It allows you to focus on your family and achieve the best possible outcome.