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What is collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Collaborative Divorce, Family Law |

As any person going through a divorce would do, you may prepare to have to deal with a lengthy and argumentative process in order to sort out your marriage.

However, there is a healthier way to process not only the technical aspects but also the emotional aspects of divorce.

What it is

Collaborative divorce is a relatively new field of law, only coming into popularity in recent years. It replaces the traditional court-based divorce proceedings. The main difference is a focus on not only on polite agreement outside of litigation, but also the absence of a third party in negotiations.

Having another person around while discussing topics with your attorneys and another party is the most typical way to go about a divorce. In a collaborative divorce, both parties agree to talk privately with only their attorneys listening in.

The difference

The most stark characteristic of a collaborative divorce is the heavy emphasis on cooperation between ex-spouses. Instead of approaching the topics ready to argue, both parties must act polite, be optimistic, and work together. Fighting or concealing information is not tolerated. If one party or the other wants to stop the process, then he or she is free to do so.


It may not be obvious at first what the benefits to this new method are. However, the psychological aspects of this kind of divorce are important, considering its emphasis on peaceful discussion. It is also easier to save money on typical costs associated with a litigation process since there is no third party. Additionally, you may find collaborative divorce methods are less troublesome or irritating than traditional divorce proceedings.