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3 reasons judges may make child custody modifications

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Family Law |

Even harmonious marriages sometimes collapse. When wedded bliss becomes a nightmare, splitting up is usually a wise decision for all.

This is especially true when there are children in the mix. Family courts bear the responsibility of identifying what circumstances are optimal. As time passes, reasons might surface that justify changes to a custody arrangement.

Reason #1: Moving to another state

Taking a new job or needing to be near ailing parents can prompt a move. Occasionally, the miles between a child and a parent become vast. Courts often see fit to alter an agreement because of this. The judges measure whether distance causes an undue burden and base decisions on the impact a move has on a child.

Reason #2: Refusing to follow the agreement

A custody deal should be straightforward and cover many parenting concerns. There is to be no possibility of misunderstanding. Negative feelings between former partners may spur one to violate the rules. Examples include not returning a child on time and failing to share medical information.

Such actions can amount to contempt of court. Keep in mind, obtaining a prosecution of this charge requires concrete evidence.

Reason #3: Changing lives of children and parents

Kids grow fast and pass through developmental stages in the blink of an eye. Different environments often work better than others at particular maturity points. A judge may recognize this and conclude a shift is in order.

Likewise, a mother or father might experience a transformation. Developing a gambling addiction, for instance, is seriously worrying. Also, a positive change may occur. Perhaps an addict with limited visitation rights finally kicks the habit. This triumph might prompt a judge to allow one parent more time.

Family courts have many reasons for revising child custody agreements. Understanding their thinking can be helpful for those seeking a more favorable situation.