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Should you share your divorce on social media?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law |

Social media has created a place for people to share information with incredible efficiency. However, just because you can does certainly not mean you should share everything about your life.

Divorce is one situation where your decision to scale back could protect you and help you maintain your dignity.

Refrain from venting

Social media is the wrong place to vent about your divorce. Especially while you are still going through the process. Did you know that oversharing may jeopardize your settlement? It could also hurt your reputation, start rumors that have no merit and cause you embarrassment later on.

Talking about your divorce in the right setting, however, can help you cope and process your situation. A therapist, for example, may help you identify resources that can facilitate your healing and recovery from a difficult situation. You may learn how to better handle triggers and create boundaries to protect yourself from a similar situation in the future. While there is value in sharing your experiences, use caution in what you choose to put on your social media.

Maintain kindness

Speaking poorly of your ex on social media is not only unkind, but childish. According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, before you share anything about your divorce on social media, ask yourself how necessary the content is. Does it reflect truth? Is it kind? If what you want to post does not meet those requirements, you may want to rethink what you have to say. Even though you will inevitably experience feelings of frustration, anger and sadness, allowing your emotions to take over may cause you to behave irrationally.

Your attorney may have tips for how you can handle your social media presence during divorce. Following legal advice regarding this sort of thing can help you prevent embarrassment so you can maintain your integrity and reputation.