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Which white collar crimes are the FBI’s highest priority?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Criminal Law |

More often than not, people associate crime with violence. White collar crime flies under the radar for most and may seem less severe. However, this is not the case in the eyes of the law in Texas.

According to the FBI, white collar crime is not victimless. It can destroy companies and families and cost billions of dollars. This is why white collar crime accusations can lead to serious accusations. One of the most serious and common crimes is corporate fraud.

Corporate fraud

Corporate fraud is one of the highest priorities for the FBI. This crime is the cause of significant losses and can damage the U.S economy. The most common corporate fraud cases include self-dealing, obstruction and accounting schemes. Accounting schemes are fairly common; the intent is usually to deceive auditors and investors about a corporation’s financial state.

When investigating corporate fraud, the FBI will look into self-dealing by corporate insiders. This includes misuse of corporate property, individual tax violations and insider trading. In addition, the FBI looks for false financial information. These are intentional entries to misrepresent the financial condition of a company. When it comes to falsification, the FBI may also find illicit transactions and fraudulent trades.

Misleading data

If a business manipulates their share prices or financial data, they may be able to trick investors and the public for their financial gain. The FBI works with a number of different agencies to assist with their investigations. They may team up with those who have experience in taxes, securities, pensions and commodities. The FBI works closely with other regulatory agencies to investigate fraud allegations.