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Reasons to consider mediation

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Family Law, Mediation |

When couples decide to divorce, they may want to end their marriage on amicable terms. In this situation, couples should consider seeking mediation.

During mediation, couples work with a mediator to find a divorce agreement that works for both of them. According to Money Crashers, divorce mediation allows couples to have a conversation about the divorce in a neutral environment. A mediator can help prevent people from taking sides and guide them as they make decisions.

Is mediation always the right solution?

There are a few situations when mediation may not work. If spouses cannot cooperate, they may not be able to come to a fair divorce agreement. In this situation, the mediation may take more time and money than either spouse envisioned. Additionally, mediation may not be a good idea if addiction is a factor in the divorce or if one spouse is physically or emotionally abusive.

What are the advantages?

If spouses can work together, mediation can be an ideal solution. According to Divorce Magazine, mediation can help people have more control over the divorce process. Spouses can discuss their finances and their family and make decisions based on the unique factors of their situation. This can help them reach a divorce agreement tailored to the needs of their family. Additionally, mediation can help keep the situation peaceful for the children. If spouses can communicate during their mediation sessions, it is more likely that they will be able to co-parent successfully.

Spouses may also experience more closure through mediation. A mediator can help spouses understand all the factors that caused the divorce and help spouses feel more capable of moving forward without animosity.