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Can you get a new child support order?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Child Support, Family Law |

After your divorce, you may owe child support to your spouse. Sometimes you may realize that your current payments are no longer manageable. In this situation, you may need a child support modification.

There are many reasons you might request a new child support order. According to the Texas Attorney General, you may ask for a modification if your circumstances change significantly. This change in circumstance may be a loss in income if you lose your job or need to work fewer hours. You may also ask for a modification if the current support order has been in place for at least three years.

Do modifications always result in lower payments?

You may ask for a modification because you want to pay less child support. However, a new child support order can sometimes increase your payments. This is because the court usually reviews your income and the assets available to you. If you have access to more resources than you did during the divorce, you may need to pay more child support.

How do you start the modification process?

You usually have to ask the court to review your child support case. You will need to fill out a form explaining your new situation. Once the court reviews this paperwork, you may either attend a court hearing or meet with an official to discuss the modification. Either situation can result in a new support order.

You may expect to receive a new child support order soon after you submit your paperwork. However, a court may not approve a new support order before your next payment is due. This is because the court works with both you and your ex-spouse to decide if a modification is best for everyone. If you and your ex-spouse both agree a modification is necessary, the process may go faster.