Finding The Right Attorney For Your Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is considered new territory for many lawyers in the United States, even for those who have been practicing for years. Due to its unconventional, less formal and flexible terms, it cannot be understated that the importance of a trusted and credible attorney is crucial. Finding the right legal representative could mean the difference between a civil, peaceful divorce and a messy litigation battle.

Unlike other family law cases, collaborative divorce involves both parties working together to resolve their issues, such as those concerning child custody, property division, support and alimony without going to court. The process is similar to mediation, but occurs over a period of time, rather than trying to decide every issues in a matter of hours. The collaborative process might also include other professionals, such as neutral mental health professionals and financial professionals, divorce coaches and child specialists.

Seek Help From An Experienced Attorney

Not all divorce attorneys practice or have training in the collaborative divorce process. The collaborative divorce process gives parties many more options than what might be available in the courtroom. In litigation, judges and attorneys are rigidly bound by rules of procedure, evidence and the family code. Also, our judicial system is adversarial, placing parties against each other. Attorneys only practicing in litigation may focus more on the limited potential outcomes that are available at a public hearing or trial, in a competitive setting. Collaborative divorce lawyers, on the other hand, work toward compromises that provide for mutual need and benefit, with a focus on assisting the parties to resolve matters in a healthy and productive way.

Important Qualifications To Consider

  • Locally trusted: Selecting a divorce lawyer is a very personal decision. It can be best to select someone you feel comfortable speaking to and whom you can easily reach when you have questions or concerns.
  • Honest in communication: Collaborative divorce involves building open communication between the two spouses. Hiring an attorney who can properly represent you and someone you can confide in and trust, can truly benefit the process.
  • Cost-effective: The collaborative divorce process can be affordable compared to the traditional litigation method. A lawyer looking out for your needs can help you save on the cost of divorce.
  • Experience in collaborative divorce and family law: Attorneys who have experience in the collaborative divorce process and in the traditional family law litigation sphere can better advise you on your options and what may be best for your family.

Contact An Attorney Who Will Look Out For You

There are hundreds of divorce lawyers in the state of Texas. Searching for the righting attorney that is truly concerned about the welfare of you and your family can be a good starting point on the road to divorce. Alicia Lackey of the Lackey Law Firm, P.C., is not only a collaborative divorce professional, but also a litigator, who works hard to protect the rights and needs of clients.

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