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Can bird nesting meet the needs of your family?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Family Law |

As a co-parent, you want what is best for your child in spite of the tumultuous nature of divorce. This means having a good co-parenting plan that will provide the highest benefit and lowest risk.

Bird nesting might be a good option to consider, in that case. However, despite its many benefits, it does not fit every family, and you will need to individually assess potential risks and gains.

Defining bird nesting

Psychology Today looks at bird’s nesting, a form of cooperative co-parenting gaining traction in recent years. What does it entail? In essence, it involves your child staying permanently in the family home. Instead of sending them between you and your co-parent in accordance with a visitation schedule, you and your co-parent will trade off living in the family home with your child. As such, it resembles the way adult birds will care for their babies in the nest.

Financial stability and trust

Of course, not everyone will want this sort of arrangement, as it means leaving your co-parent unattended with only your child in the family home. You need a base level of understanding, trust and agreement to make this work.

You also need a baseline of financial stability, as it requires you and your co-parent to have the means to live away from your family home on your “off days”. You can look into options like motels or sharing lodging with friends or family. If you have the financial wherewithal, you can even look into renting a second home, like a studio apartment.

It is unfortunately impossible to tell just how well any option will suit you until you try it out. But you can get a good sense of whether something will work out or not, especially if you consult legal aid first.