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Child support enforcement in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Child Support |

Whether your child’s other parent refuses to pay child support they owe or you have concerns about falling behind on payments you cannot make due to losing your job, it is important to go over various topics related to unpaid child support. You should develop a solid understanding of the consequences associated with back support and the different ways Texas enforces child support.

If you are struggling with child support for any reason, look into various strategies to avoid falling behind, such as modifying your child support order or setting up a payment plan.

Back child support and licenses

According to the Attorney General of Texas’ website, parents who do not pay child support they owe can lose their driver’s license as well as hunting, fishing and professional licenses. Moreover, a non-custodial parent who fails to fulfill their child support obligations could also lose the ability to renew their passport or apply for a new passport.

Back child support carries other serious consequences

In addition to suspending licenses, Texas enforces child support by reporting payment history to credit bureaus, intercepting lottery winnings and placing liens on financial accounts and property. In some instances, parents even find themselves behind bars as a result of their failure to pay child support.

Unpaid child support is often overwhelming for custodial and non-custodial parents alike. Parents who have fallen behind face harsh penalties and this situation can turn your life upside down. If possible, do everything in your power to stay current and review ways to get caught up if you owe back support.