A lengthy, contentious divorce is tough on everyone involved; drawn-out courtroom divorces also have the potential to cost you considerable money and time. The good news is a contentious courtroom divorce is not the only way to end your marriage. If you and your ex are both willing, you may benefit tremendously by opting for divorce mediation.

According to Psychology Today, divorce mediation, which requires you and your former partner to work together with an unbiased mediator to end your union, is a viable option for many former couples. However, many of them do not realize it. Should you consider mediating your divorce, know that doing so may lead to the following benefits.

1. It may help you save money

Mediating your divorce may cost considerably less than litigating it. When you mediate your divorce, you and your ex are not each paying for your own attorney. You are also working together toward a common goal, rather than “duking it out” over every last penny or asset.

2. It may preserve what remains of your relationship

Not every couple splits up because of infidelity or something major like that. Your marriage may have ended simply because the romance was no longer there. This does not mean your former partner must be the enemy. Instead, mediating the divorce may help you two preserve at least some semblance of a relationship, and this may prove beneficial if you have to co-parent together moving forward.

3. It may minimize the impact on your kids

Mediation is also beneficial for children of divorce. While watching you and your ex fight tooth and nail may negatively impact your kids’ psyche, watching you work together to end the marriage may do the opposite.

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