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Should you settle your divorce or go to trial?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law |

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that a couple can face. During a divorce, particularly when child custody is involved, you have to choose between trial and a settlement. Sometimes, negotiations end with both parties agreeing on all terms. In other instances, the couple cannot agree. If you and your spouse cannot agree, you are not alone. 

Should you attend trial instead of agreeing to a settlement? Forbes explains what can happen if your custody or divorce battle goes to court. 

The outcome may be unpredictable

With a trial, there are pros and cons. On one hand, if you were unable to come to a settlement agreement, a trial may be your best option. On the other, you cannot predict with 100% certainty how the custody agreement will end. You can petition for more authority or time with your children, but you will not know the outcome. 

Drawing out a divorce and experiencing uncertainty can be extremely stressful for most people. The stress of a long process may be detrimental to you and your children’s health. When you take a divorce to court, you are always essentially on-call. If the court requires information, you have to supply it. 

The time and money spent may be high

Trials can take up to a year or longer, and your trial date depends on the court’s schedule. You may spend months waiting for the date to come. With a trial comes preparation and court appearances. Additionally, court preparation and trial costs money. A settlement agreement takes less time and money.