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Drunk driving charges and career options

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | Criminal Law, DUI/DWI |

When people think about the consequences of DUI/DWI charges, they often focus on the financial penalties, the loss of driving privileges and time behind bars in some instances. However, there are many other hardships that arise as a result of such charges, some of which have a long-term impact on one’s life.

For example, some people find that their career options are limited as a result of their record and some people have to give up certain professional ambitions altogether. For example, some jobs simply refuse to hire someone as a result of a previous drunk driving charge, even if the incident happened many years ago. 

There are various fields that are very difficult for those charged with DUI/DWI to find work in. For example, jobs that involve a lot of driving are out of the question for many people charged with this crime. Moreover, some positions require a clean record and will not consider someone with conviction. On top of these concerns, people are impacted by charges in many other ways with respect to their careers. For example, some college students lose the financial support of their loved ones and have to drop out because they cannot pay tuition. 

It is imperative for people facing drunk driving charges to protect their future by handling their cases to the best of their ability. Sometimes, people secure favorable outcomes by bringing certain details up in court, such as a law enforcement official failing to respect one’s rights during a stop or a faulty breathalyzer. Visit our site to read more about DUI/DWI cases and legal strategies to handle these charges correctly.